Anjana Sultana Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Wiki & More

Anjana Sultana is an award winning actress from India. She is popularly known as Anjana Sultana 2. Anjana Sultana was born in 1986 in Dhaka, Bangladesh where her mother is Anjana Sultana. Anjana Sultana is known for her amazing voice and beauty. She has been in and out of the Hindi film industry and has appeared in films in Tamil, Korean, Chinese, Italian and American languages. Anjana Sultana has also played important roles in some Indian dramas.

Birthday June 27, 1965 (Sunday)
birth place Dhaka
Country Bangladesh
Age (as in 2021) 55 years old
birth sign cancer
height n/a
Weight n/a
Caste n/av

Anjana Sultana’s real name is Anjana Sultana. She has had several roles in popular television shows and has even appeared in a few Hollywood movies. Biography of Anjana Sultana revealed that Anjana Sultana is proud of her original name Anjana Sultana.

Anjana Sultana Net Worth: $15 million. Anjana Sultana is an award winning actress who has achieved great success domestically and internationally. Her diverse roles have made her one of the most popular actresses in Indian films and she is appreciated for her beautiful voice and beautiful looks. Anjana Sultana is married to an American citizen and has two children. His other films include “Mankatha” in which he played the role of Bano, and “Kurbaan” in which he played the role of Prem Chopra.

Anjana Sultana’s most famous and most loved role was that of Lakshmi Puja in the movie “Lakshmi Vilas”. Anjana Sultana “Chak De! Bharat” as himself and in the television series “BSulkar”. His other films that are of interest are “Kurbaan”, “Dhoom Reloaded”, “Vikram” and “Chak De! Bharat” as well as the action film “Iruvar”.

Anjana Sultana’s daughter Priya Bhat had an interesting role in the film “Iruvar”. In this film, Anjana Sultana played the role of the evil queen in the plot. Anjana Sultana’s son Venkaiah played the role of a businessman in the movie “Iruvar”. Anjana Sultana’s son Priya Bhatt’s contribution to the film “Iruvar” was that she played the villainous Arjuna.

Anjana Sultana is known for her contribution to the world of cinema through her diverse roles. His most famous movies were “Chak De! India’ with Mahesh Babu, ‘Iruvar’ with Anjana Sultana and ‘Chak De! Pakistan” with Aishwarya Rai. Anjana Sultana is also known for her association with superstar Amitabh Bachchan.

The name Anjana Sultana is a reference to the story where Lord Krishna was about to cross the heavens, but he fell ill before reaching there. Someone put medicine in his drinking glass which made him ill and eventually died. People thought that Lord Krishna wanted this man to drink poison but in reality he just wanted to see his family. Everyone gathered near the funeral realized that it was Anjana Sultana who was taking care of them. Then she told everyone about her son’s illness and how she went on a long road using herbs to bring him back. In this way she came to be called the queen of Suryavar.

Anjana Sultana has appeared in many of her films and all the major films of India. The late Madhubala Murthy played the lead role in Anjana Sultana’s “Chak De! Bharat” where Sultana played the villain. She then played the lead role in the Hindi film remake titled “A Bend in the Ganga”, where she again played a leading role. He also acted in “Mankatha”, which released in the year 2021.