Asheema Vardaan Height, Weight, Age, Spouse, Family, Facts, Biography

Asima Vardan Quick Information
height 5 feet 3 inches
weight 55 kg
Date of birth February 28, 1994
Zodiac sign Pisces
friend Nikhil Bhambri

limitless boon is an Indian actress and model, widely known for starring in several TV shows, including Dev DD (2017-2021) and Sacred Relationship: It’s Never Too Late (2021). Ashima has more than 75k followers on Instagram.

name at birth

limitless boon

nick name


Asima Vardan as seen in December 2021
Asima Vardan as seen in December 2021 (Ashima Vardhan/Instagram)

Sun sign


birth place

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India




actress, model



Asima Vardan in January 2021 loving her night gown even after doing a lot of shopping
Aseema Vardaan in January 2021 still in love with her nightgown after doing a lot of shopping (Asheema Vardaan/Instagram)


5 feet 3 inches or 160 cm


55 kg or 121 lbs

lover / spouse

She has dated –

  1. Nikhil Bhambri

Caste / Ethnicity

Asian (Indian)

hair color


She often dyes her hair in different colors.

eye color

dark brown

sexual orientation


special features

  • fuller lips
  • high cheekbones

brand advertising

She has endorsed or promoted several brands such as beelang And Gold Drop India.

Asima Vardan Favorite Things

  • pet – her cat Gugu whom she considered her child
  • dessert – Crispy Vanilla Scooped Chocolate-Drizzled Waffles

Source , instagram, instagram

Asima Vardan fell in love with the changing color of her locks in February 2022
Asima Vardan fell in love with the changing color of her locks in February 2022 (Aseema Vardan/Instagram)

Asima Vardan Facts

  1. He was raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  2. She has revealed that her family and close friends had always felt that she was too dramatic in life and it was her father who first encouraged her to try her luck in the field of acting. She never thought of being an actress on her own and later looked back and felt glad that she agreed with her father’s decision, and was grateful that her family had fully supported her.
  3. Asima has remembered that her role abhay 2 Was exciting to her as she had never played an antagonist before and really wanted to essay a character very different from her personality. What she cherished was how her part was written in an interesting way that added layers to the performance. She said that the director had helped her a lot in preparing for her challenging part, guiding her through the process of exploring the dark aspects of the emotional spectrum. He had also assured her that she could play such roles perfectly. He thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative process of doing justice to the character.
  4. He has said that he has never considered himself to be the quintessential actor. When she was associated with the industry and was giving auditions fiercely, somewhere in her mind, she felt that she was far from the typical glamorous girls. When she got a chance to screen-test for an iconic role in 2017, she was deliberately late to avoid it. However, destiny had taken its course and the role fell in her lap due to which she became a part of the web series. Dev D.D.
  5. Vardan has never been a big fan of working out. However, she has found that eating a home-cooked meal as well as a little physical exercise like running is helpful for overall health.
  6. She has noticed that expectations are high from women in the entertainment industry with makeup, hair, looks and vital statistics being a must for all.
  7. She has revealed that she has faced failure and treated it as a learning process, which has often pushed her to break down barriers and move on. He just accepted and appreciated it, and just enjoyed some delicious pizza.

Featured image by Aseema Vardan / Instagram