Azekah Daniel Height, Weight, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Facts, Biography

Azeka Daniel Quick Info
height 5 feet 5 inches
weight 60 kg
Date of birth 1 July 1992
Zodiac sign cancer
eye color dark brown

azeka daniels is a Pakistani actress, model and air hostess who rose to fame after playing a titular role in the TV series noorjahan (2016). He gained more popularity by appearing in several other television shows Balas (2018-2019) and by acting in many movies like Paris (2018). Daniel has got more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram.

name at birth

azeka daniels

nick name


Azeka Daniels in the Past
Azeka Daniel in the past (Azeka Daniel / Instagram)

Sun sign


birth place

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan


Karachi, Pakistan


Pakistani flag


she went to St. Michael’s Convent School For his early education in Karachi. Later, he pursued a university degree in Karachi.


actress, model, air hostess



Azeka Daniels urges everyone to drop this thinking in February 2022
Azeka Daniel in February 2022 urges everyone to drop this thinking (Azeka Daniel / Instagram)


5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm


60 kg or 132 lbs

Caste / Ethnicity


She is of Pakistani origin.

hair color

dark brown

She often dyes her hair in different colors.

eye color

dark brown

special features

  • fuller lips
  • high cheekbones

brand advertising

She has appeared in advertisements for various brands such as Hello hair.


Roman Catholicism

Azeka Daniels Favorite Things

  • Meal – biryani
  • Play – soccer
  • super hero – superman
  • book , a million little pieces by James Frey

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In January 2022 Azeka Daniels realized that sometimes we won't know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory
Azeka Daniel in January 2022 Realizing that sometimes we won’t know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory (Azeka Daniel/Instagram)

Azeka Daniel Facts

  1. She hails from Karachi, Pakistan.
  2. She had a best friend throughout her school life by the name of Marine Sardar.
  3. Azeka finds the best part of being a teenager is that she doesn’t control her life and actions like never before, with a sense of being independent.
  4. Prior to his acting career, he had worked with Cabin Crew Pakistan International Airlines.
  5. She dreamed of becoming a doctor.
  6. Azeka started with commercials and then ventured into the drama industry. She has recalled that she was inspired to join the entertainment industry because of her complete belief in herself. She had a strong feeling that this was something she could really enjoy doing.
  7. Azeka never received any formal training for acting. He had learned a lot by watching the actors on the sets and on the internet.
  8. He has been turned away by lies and injustice.
  9. Daniel loves spending time at home.
  10. He has revealed that success for him means when he is satisfied with his work. She has admitted that she has succeeded when she comes to know that her work has made a difference in the society.
  11. Azeka has said that she learned early in her career that it was wise not to get involved in politics. He has seen that it is wise to have opinions to yourself if they are not work-related.
  12. She hasn’t believed that good looks and connections are the main things that make a star, but does know that it’s talent that makes someone good as well as being a good star.
  13. Ajeka was once amused by a gossip about how she moved abroad and left the industry.
  14. She likes to deal with self-doubt through self-counseling and then prayer and meditation.
  15. Daniel loves listening to music as well as audiobooks.
  16. Most of her wardrobe consists of T-shirts and jeans.
  17. He would find it difficult to live without books and his cell phone.

Featured image by Azeka Daniels / Instagram