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Chantalle Ng is a famous Chinese actor who rose to fame in the late 90s. She has appeared in many movies, plays and TV shows and is loved by the public for her gorgeous looks and winning personality. The Wikipedia page of Chantalle Ng states that she is an actress, singer and dancer.

Chantalle Ng was born in 1994 in Hong Kong. His first roles included appearing in the television drama Kung Mang Do. From there, Chantal Ng appeared in several popular films, including the film remake of Charlie Brown, Bridget Jones Diaries, Bridesmaids, The Perfect Score, and Confidence. Chantal Ng is best known for her role as the mysterious Sienna in Kung Mang Do.

Chantalle Ng has a net worth of over US$5 million. Chantalle Ng started her career as a member of the popular TV sitcom The X-Files. After that she appeared in many famous films including the hit film Kung Maang Do. Chantal Ng trivia reveals that her popular roles include featuring Frederick in House on the Hill, Majorana in the film Kung Mang Do, and Tita in Bridget Jones’ Diary.

bio / wiki
Full Name Chantal Ng
Business Actress
age 25
Date of birth June 17, 1995
birth place Singapore
Zodiac Gemini
Country Singapore
gender female

Chantalle Ng is not the only famous Chinese actress who has achieved great fame in the US. Actresses likeXia Han, MS. Tina, Cinnamon Roll, MS. Feng Shui, Kick Ass, Kick Batu, Chensheng Lian and Zhenyu Lu are also well known in the entertainment industry. Chantal Ng’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that he played the lead role in the award-winning Kung Maang Do film. Chantalle Ng and her co-stars have different characteristics and have been able to capture the imagination of the American public.

Chantalle Ng was born in California and is a fan favorite in the English-speaking world. His most famous role is that of the mysterious Ying-Fu in the movie Kung Maang Do. Chantalle Ng trivia reveals that Chantalle Ng was cast as Ying-Fu in Kung Mang Do because of her good looks and excellent acting skills. In the television series she plays the role of Yin Qi in the first and second episodes, before taking on the role of Yin Xi in the fourth and fifth episodes. Chantalle Ng is one of those famous Chinese actresses who have a beautiful face which makes her very good in her various roles. Chantalle Ng has a net worth of over five million US dollars.

Chantalle Ng has appeared in over twenty-six episodes of Kung Mang Do, making her one of the most famous Chinese actresses in the world today. Chantalle Ng and her co-stars possess a combination of beauty, charm and talent that makes her one of the most famous Chinese actresses in the world today. Chantal Ng has been nominated for the Best Actress award on several occasions including the MTV Movie Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Satellite Awards, Independent Film Festival, TIFF Festival, MTV Europe Music Awards, Toronto International Film Festival and others. Los Angeles International Film Festival.