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Model and actor who was cast as mute in the famous 2022 film Mad Max: Fury Road as one of the few good wives. He was also called in the last film Newness released in 2022. According to statistics, Courtney Eaton facts, Courtney Eaton has a net worth of around $1.5 million.

Who is Courtney Eaton? He is an Australian actor who is popular as a supporting character in action movies. His most famous role is that of Quiet in the award-winning film The Game. She has appeared in several more films including Crazy Heart, Tin Cup and finally, Mad Max: Fury Road. However, she is most recognized for her role as the mute girl in the new Mad Max film. What is worth noting in this biography is that he was also nominated for an Oscar for his contribution to the film The Game.

How did Courtney Eaton get to where she is today? Well, her first experience on the big screen was in the acclaimed Australian drama The Beach. She played the quiet but tough character of Sweet Pea. Since then, she has played different characters in different films in Australia and England. She is currently appearing in a biopic of English lawyer, Ben Whitsunday, titled Whatsunday.

Apart from her career on the big screen, Courtney Eaton has also been an avid philanthropist. She is particularly fond of the English heritage, of which she serves as a trustee. His philanthropic efforts aim to provide learning opportunities to underprivileged children through the construction of a school in Melbourne, known as the Cathedral Grammar School. In addition to her philanthropic work, Courtney Eaton has also expressed her desire to help those younger than her.

Despite her busy career on the big and screen, Courtney Eaton still has time to become a philanthropist and volunteer. In 2022, he was selected as one of the “Heroes of Time” by the Royal Australian Geographic Society. She is also listed in the list of “Ten Best Women in Business” for the past two years by the same organization. If these achievements are any indication of her commitment to her fellow man, then surely she is a star sign with strength in both legs. This article was brought to you by the Become a Jedi Knight directory.

name at birth: Courtney Eaton

Nick Name: Courtney, Court

ageCourtney Eaton: Courtney Eaton is currently 25 years old as of January 06, 1996

Sun sign: Capricorn

Business: model, actress


  • father – Stephen Eaton (information technology professional)
  • Mother Courtney’s father said that his mother is not a part of his life.
  • siblings – Campbell Eaton (Younger Brother), Olivia (Younger Half-Sister), Danny (Younger Half-Brother)


He has signed with these agencies –

  • Vivian’s Model Management, Australia
  • Nova Models, New Zealand
  • Hurricane Management, London
  • Klein Model Management, New Zealand
  • Nils Larsen, Principal Young Entertainment, New York;
  • Tracy, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Los Angeles




5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm


56 kg or 123.5 lbs

lover / spouse

Courtney has dated –

As already mentioned, Courtney Eaton was born in Sydney, Australia. As a child, she was deeply interested in Star Wars, and idealized Princess Leia Organa, her own favorite as a child. His love for the Star Wars series blossomed during his college years, and he earned a degree in political science at McVay University. Although she majored in this major, she pursued other interests, especially the arts. After graduation, he worked in advertising for several years, traveling back and forth between Sydney and London.

Now, Courtney Eaton is pursuing a master’s degree in education. His studies focus on early childhood development, learning about the brain and how it functions. She is also interested in social justice, and hopes to develop programs that will make it possible for disadvantaged children to go to school, without having to put all their parents to work. Her vision is to become a social worker in twenty five years. If you want to meet a beautiful woman with the strength of a Jedi Knight, look no further than Courtney Eaton.