Darshana Banik Height, Weight, Age, Spouse, Family, Facts, Biography

Darshan Banik Quick Info
height 5 feet 7 inches
weight 62 kg
Date of birth 15 August 1994
Zodiac sign Leo
eye color
light brown

darshan baniko is an Indian actress and model who rose to fame after becoming a brand ambassador for various brands colour’s, vodafoneAnd borolin, He gained further popularity by appearing in several Bengali films such as Shororipu 2: Jotugriho (2021) as well as in several Telugu films like bangaraju (2021). He has also been featured in many TV shows for example, Lockdown Diary – Galpo Holio Satti (2020). Darshan has got more than 650k followers on Instagram.

name at birth

darshan baniko

nick name


Darshan Banik urges everyone to stay at his happy sunny place in November 2021
Darshan Banik urges everyone to stay at his happy sunny spot in November 2021 (Darshan Banik/Instagram)

Sun sign


birth place

West Bengal, India




she went to East Calcutta Girls CollegeFrom there he completed his bachelor’s degree. then he earned his master’s degree from Rabindra Bharati University,





Darshana Banik shares her selfie in March 2021
Darshan Banik shares his selfie in March 2021 (Darshan Banik / Instagram)


5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm


62 kg or 137 lbs

Caste / Ethnicity

Asian (Indian)

hair color

dark brown

She often dyes her hair in different colors.

eye color

light brown

special features

  • big and expressive eyes
  • Sharp nose

brand advertising

She has endorsed or promoted several brands such as Godrej Specialist.


Hindu religion

Darshan Banik Favorite Things

  • telugu movie , bahubali

Source , Ragalahari.com

Wishing Darshan Banik Monday Blues in October 2020
Darshan Banik wishing Monday blues in October 2020 (Darshan Banik / Instagram)

facts about philosophy

  1. She started modeling when she was a student.
  2. She was thrilled to do her first film in Telugu named atgallu (2018). She recalled that when she was modeling, she appeared in a music video in Bombay, after which the choreographer sent her photoshoot pictures to the producers. atgallu, She got a call-back and went through six rounds of auditions. She was roped in for the role after proving her mettle by starring in some difficult scenes and doing a photoshoot with her co-star.
  3. Darshan has immensely enjoyed playing various roles which are both challenging and interesting. She always wanted to be different people at the same time, and acting gave her the opportunity to experience many lives.
  4. His dream role has been that of a teacher. She too yearns to be a part of beautiful woman, devi chaudhuranieither Story If they are recreated.
  5. Banik has revealed that she has never been a fitness freak. She prefers to do yoga or Zumba at home. He has hardly followed a strict diet but generally avoided junk food. She loves home-cooked food, with rice and lentils being her comfort food. Her daily diet includes plenty of fresh fruits and nuts as well as an ample amount of water including tender coconut. Her only weakness has been ice cream and pastries, and she consumes them once every month.
  6. She has found lip balm to be the one product she can’t do without.
  7. She has said that she has noticed that apart from good acting, it is equally important to take care of the dress, hair as well as make-up during the shoot, that the actor is not casual about anything from dialogue delivery to looks Can.
  8. Darshan has been most comfortable wearing jeans and tees with sneakers or flats. She loves well fitted clothes and has preferred colors like red, pink, white and black. She has said that for evening or night out, she has preferred fitted mini dresses. On a formal occasion, she has often opted for the traditional Dhakai Jamdani Saree

Featured image by Darshan Banik/Instagram