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www.eporcha.gov.bd official website of Apporcha, You can check land records and ownership online anytime from Aporcha (ই-পর্চা). In present digital Bangladesh anyone can check the actual land ownership online if they want. You can not only know the actual ownership of the land but also the land parcel ledger and dag number from the Aporcha official website. This post will be especially helpful for those who want to know more about online land account holder ownership. The Ministry of Lands, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh launched the website from where all the information related to land can be found. Install the Aporcha mobile app and get all the information quickly.

You will no longer have to deal with brokers to see land information online. You can verify the actual ownership of your land and other information by following this post. For your convenience, we would like to inform you that if you face any problem in knowing the information of the land then please let us know in the comment. We will help you to give correct information and advice Inshallah.

www.eporcha.gov.bd (eporcha)

You already know that Apporcha is an online platform published by the Ministry of Land, Government of Bangladesh from where the process of land ownership verification is completed. From this website, you can verify the actual ownership of your land and other information from anywhere in Bangladesh or Bangladeshi home. Also if you want to get the certificate i.e. you want to submit the land account by post, then application can be done from this website. So you can collect any land related information from Aporcha website and it is always at your fingertips. Collect the information by following the steps given below.

Aporcha Android App Install (Google Play Store)

Install Aporcha (ই-পর্চা) Android App and get all land information quickly.

How to verify land ownership online from (ই-পর্চা)?

This question is running in the mind of many people. To know the actual land ownership information online, first of all visit the official website of Aporcha. From here type your department name, district name, khatian type, upazila, mauja, khatian number spot number, ownership, husband/father name in steps. Seems a bit difficult doesn’t it? There’s no reason to worry. We are just explaining.

  • Category Selection: Select Your own category here.
  • District Selection: Select here which district you belong to.
  • Khatian Type Selection: Select Type You want to get out of bookkeeping.
  • Select Yield: Select what you born Related with till here.
  • to select sockselect : Your cousin’s name.
  • Khatian No.: select K Khatian The land you want to reach here.
  • Dag Number: If you have the dag number of your land then select it here.
  • Ownership Name: If you have the name of the proprietor then mention it here
  • Father’s/Husband’s Name: If any Father/Husband, select it here.
  • enter Captcha code: type in the same space as Captcha code Mentioned here.

Rules for ordering land ledger online from Aporcha

If you lead a busy life then you do not need to go anywhere else to collect the ledger. You can take home delivery of land ledger from Aporcha website or get it by post. While applying for Aporcha web portal to obtain land ledger, tick the option to obtain ledger as mentioned in the application form. In this way, you can get the land account holder by post in the regular process. Also, if you want to get emergency services, you need to tick the emergency option in the application form.

(ই-পর্চা) Hotline Number

You can collect any information regarding the e-sheet by calling 16122. This is basically the hotline number of the land office. The e-PAKTER web portal is managed by the Land Office. For this reason, you can collect any information related to the e-sheet using this hotline number.