Foodpanda Bangladesh Customer Service Number, Email, Social Profile & Office Address

Receive Foodpanda BD’s customer service online, via email, Facebook and live chat. Food Panda is an online food delivery service provider operating in various countries. In this context, you will get the information of Food Panda Bangladesh customer care. At different times, Food Panda customers need to contact support. What kind of procedures need to be followed to get support from the authority? A customer doesn’t know this well. Hence, we are working hard to make our users aware of every sensitive issue.

Recently Foodpanda has added Shop to its app. So, the user can now order groceries or any product from the listed shop. Food Panda Rider will deliver your product as soon as possible. We have found many drugstores available on Foodpanda App. So, any Bangladeshi person can order medicine quickly from Foodpanda app.

Foodpanda Bangladesh Customer Service

There are times when customers need to contact Food Panda customer service for various purposes like serving low-quality food, deliveryman dealing with payment problem or refund process. New customers are increasing day by day in Food Panda. Therefore, they may need to contact Food Panda’s customer support team. So, follow the process and get support quickly.

Foodpanda BD Customer Care Number

Foodpanda Bangladesh doesn’t have a call center yet. Therefore, they cannot provide customer service through the call center at this time. If you need service for account activation, password change issue, payment or refund issue (prepaid), complain against riders or restaurant, you can follow other contact procedures to reach them.

Foodpanda BD customer service email address

Type your problem description on Compose Email and then send email [email protected], This is the official customer service email address of Foodpanda Bangladesh. If you have any complaints, you can also contact customer service by sending an email to this address. One of the members of the Foodpanda customer service team will answer your question and take necessary action if necessary.

Corporate users can email [email protected] To order lunch for your employees or food for your corporate events. Foodpanda team will be happy to serve you with priority service.

Foodpanda Bangladesh partner can send an email [email protected] for any information at any time. Everyone can follow Foodpanda Bangladesh on Facebook and Instagram. His official Facebook page link is, You can also follow them on Instagram. foodpanda bangladesh instagram profile link,

You can also visit our website to check the latest Foodpanda Voucher Codes. This will help you to get discount. Food Panda also publishes voucher codes on social networks. So, follow them on Facebook or Instagram to see the latest offers and discounts.