Foodpanda Pakistan Helpline Number, Email, Live Chat, Coupon

Foodpanda Pakistan is a leading online shop and restaurant chain serving customers across Pakistan. The Foodpanda website has forty one thousand pages of delicious, mouth-watering recipes and over three hundred and fifty five recipes. Foodpanda Pakistan offers a full range of Grocery and Gourmet groceries from local markets of Pakistan and serves over half a million customers worldwide. Foodpanda’s success is thanks to a new innovation they have introduced called Foodpanda Delivery. Foodpanda delivers food to your doorstep in an eco-friendly container.

Foodpanda Pakistan is a member of the Hallmark Group of Companies and accredited by the High Commission for Standardization and Packaging. Foodpanda Pakistan is a member of Hallmark Foodservice Brands and is certified by the Food and Nutrition Council of Pakistan. Foodpanda delivers high quality fresh ingredients and restaurant dishes to restaurants near you. Foodpanda operates five hundred restaurants and five hundred snack houses located across the country. Foodpanda strives to bring you only the best and tastiest foods from around the world.

Foodpanda Helpline: 111-89-89-89

Foodpanda delivery address is: No 11th Floor, Nazimabad-Delhi Road, Nazimabad, Islamabad. Foodpanda is an accredited member of HNIC, Food and Nutrition Standards Council of Pakistan. Foodpanda is a member of The Association of Food Service Providers (FASP).

Foodpanda is a leading grocery delivery and online grocery marketplace that delivers to your doorstep and offers home delivery of groceries and snacks. Foodpanda is a trademark of Icmeler. It is a chain of restaurants, branded hotels, grocery stores and specialty stores with a presence in over 20 countries. Foodpanda Pakistan has outlets in Karachi, Lahore, Dubai, Hyderabad, Multan, Islamabad and Rawal-Pindi. Foodpanda delivers specialty food items and groceries at very reasonable prices.

The Foodpanda Mobile App gives the opportunity to discover and shop the best of food from the comfort of your mobile. Foodpanda App makes it easy to order food and snacks in Pakistan. With this app, you can choose from a variety of gourmet dishes from Pakistan. You can also choose from the available Indian cuisine or Chinese food. With this amazing app, you can shop from the comfort of your home without leaving your home.

This app gives customers the opportunity to look forward to a healthy diet. The Foodpanda app provides a list of restaurants, bakeries, chocolatiers and cafes in the area where you are located. With this information, you can plan your evening out or lunch break accordingly. The search feature of the app helps you narrow down the list of restaurants. You can also find a list of cafes that serve food from different regions of Pakistan.

Foodpanda also provides its customers with an opportunity to rate various restaurants near their locality. After you finish your meal, you can rate the restaurants you visit using Foodpanda’s rating feature. The restaurant is rated on a five-star basis. The Foodpanda app also provides a facility that enables customers to book their favorite dishes through the website. Customers can save the restaurants they want to see in the list and come back for the same restaurant later.

Apart from the features offered by Foodpanda, the other features of this app further increase its popularity in the global market. Foodpanda is available in two versions i.e. free version and paid version. In both versions, all information about menus, dishes, discounts, special events and service providers can be found.

Foodpanda is now available in over 20 languages ​​including Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Urdu. In the free version, information about various restaurants in Lahore, Karachi and Lahore as well as other major cities of Pakistan can be found. The paid version of Foodpanda app provides detailed information about various restaurants in Pakistan along with their locations. Foodpanda also allows users to place their orders for their favorite dishes online. The online service is provided by a dedicated customer service cell which acts as a communication platform between the customer and the company.

To make the service more efficient and convenient, Foodpanda Pakistan has teamed up with various restaurant brands in Pakistan and the world to promote their services across the country. Foodpanda delivers orders to restaurants using a customized shipping service that allows customers to pay with their credit cards. Immediately after placing an order, customers can view the menu and pay with their credit card.

Foodpanda app is very easy to use and provides all the information about the restaurant as well as the menu. Users can also keep track of the list of restaurants they have tasted using the Foodpanda app. It makes the process of finding the best restaurant very easy for people from any part of the country. Foodpanda Pakistan has fulfilled its promise of serving the best food to the customers at the most affordable prices.