Foodpanda Singapore Customer Service Phone Number, Email Address

Foodpanda is a popular food and grocery distribution network operating in various countries. Now, we are passing on the Foodpanda Singapore customer service information to you. This is important for all Singaporeans who are ordering foods on Foodpanda. Foodpanda is working on App and Web so that people can order food or grocery from the shop available on Foodpanda. If you are from Singapore and want to contact Foodpanda for any query or complaint, you can follow this article. We are providing every information which is necessary to know.

You are well aware that Foodpanda is an online food delivery service provider. So, they allow to contact them online. So, if you are a user of Foodpanda App, you can directly contact them through your Foodpanda App. The help center is linked to the app. Web users can also get help through the official website of Foodpanda Singapore

Foodpanda Singapore Customer Service with Frequently Asked Questions

Foodpanda Customer Service Singapore Contact Number

We regret to inform you that currently, Foodpanda Singapore does not allow phone support for its customers. So, you cannot get service through phone call. We recommend that you follow up with email support to get a quick response. The Help Center also allows you to get help quickly.

Foodpanda Singapore Customer Support Email Address

Firstly, prepare all the required information and open the email support option and send email to inform the authority. If you have any general questions or questions, you can send an email at any time. If you have a complaint about an order, please take a screenshot of the order history where the order ID number will appear. Then, attach the file to your message.

Support Email: suppo[email protected]

If you have any corporate enquiries, you must send your email to [email protected] To receive corporate support from Foodpanda Singapore.

Lastly, we recommend that you follow the Help Center from the menu. It will appear on the button before setting. Click on the category of service and follow the instructions exactly. You can also read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from the Help Center to understand about Foodpanda.

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