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Gerardo Zamora is an Argentine politician from the province of Santiago del Estero. He served as the governor of Santiago del Estero from 2022 to 2022. During his tenure as governor of Santiago del Estero, Gerardo Zamora repeatedly said, “The people decide their leaders, not the institutions.” He repeatedly referred to himself as an “activist governor” and said he had to take the jobs of unpopular figures to ensure the economy improved. As governor of Santiago del Estero, he implemented a tax program that raised income taxes for large businesses and a gasoline tax for small businesses and maintained subsidies for large businesses that received government contracts.

After being re-elected as governor in 2022, Zamora began speaking out against his previous policies. He claimed that the government was not doing its job properly and claimed that many laws were unfair to the middle class. He refused to sign a deal with the conservative Partido Nacional (PN), which was created by former President Felipe Strogoza. The PN is the party of former President Gerardo Zamora.

Zamora also spoke out against the Kirchner government’s plan to sell national oil. He cited the harmful effect that such sales would have on the national economy. He said the sale of oil would destroy thousands of jobs in the state of Buenos Aires’ capital, Perna. Other prominent members of the PN included former President Diaz de León, current President Cristina Kirchner and her husband, former President Fernando de la Luz.

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The PN also called for an end to the Evo Morales government’s war against leftist guerrilla groups, formerly known as Faltastas. Guerrilla groups, mainly from working-class areas, joined governments in both the Left and the Right in an effort to restore stability to their communities. One of their demands was the release of all political prisoners. The government and opposition reached an agreement with the leaders of Faltas to release the following individuals: Fernanda Ovilia, Gerardo Zamora, Gerardo Lanzarini and Orlando Maradona. Gerardo Zamora and Fernanda Ovilia have also been ordered to give up their citizenship.

Gerardo Zamora was arrested while carrying out his duties as mayor of Perna. This was followed by another arrest by officers of the Commissariat Secret de Extranjeros, or the National Police of Argentina. He was taken into custody after he refused to release his name to the media. He is removed from his position as mayor and freed from his powers to lead the city. Zamora’s wife Flora was also taken into custody.

Following his arrest, Zamora issued a statement to the media that he would not step down as mayor of Perna until all charges against him were dropped. He is also urging the residents of the country to help clear the streets of robbers and criminals. “I will not resign even if the charges against me are proved to be true,” he said. Zamora is currently free until he can appeal his case.