How to Download the National ID Card Bangladesh?

How to download National Identity Card from Bangladesh Election Commission website? Welcome Bangladeshi visitors! Now we are sharing important information which will help you to download your National Identity Card online quickly. Any person can find out his/her National Identification Number by using the Form Number. Form means a piece of paper provided by the Election Commission during photo capture, generation of biometrics. You know very well that they asked you to keep this piece of paper to collect your National Identity Card.

People know their National ID number but they don’t have ID card they can also download ID card from this web server quickly. Now we are going to describe the detailed information with step by step guidelines. So let’s follow us and then get the details. Smart ID card of Bangladesh can also be downloaded from this server

How to know National ID Number from Voter Form Number?

Every new voter has the last part of the form which is asked to collect his/her National Identity Card from the member of his UP or the councilor of Paursawa or Municipal Corporation. If you need your national identity card of Bangladesh, you can download it from online. It’s completely free! Hence, you do not need to pay any amount to download your National Identity Card. Here is all the necessary information for you.

  1. Your voter registration form number
  2. Date of birth

First, visit from your mobile phone or desktop. Then, you will see the screen below. Simply type your Voter Registration Form Number, your date of birth and captcha code, which shows up. Then, click on View Voter Information.

How to Download NID by Form Number Image 1
How to Download NID by Form Number Image 1

Now, you will see your National ID number on the screen. You have to follow one more step to download National ID card from server. If you want to buy a SIM card or NID need it for any relevant purpose, you can do it only through National ID number and date of birth.

bangladesh national id card pdf file download

We hope you now have a National Identification Number. This step of content will help you to download your NID from the official website of Election Commission. A few easy steps that you just need to do. Before starting this step, ensure that you have the National Identification Number and Date of Birth – as well as your current and permanent location, provided on the Voter Registration Form. Your contact mobile number is also required, but if you do not have the desired mobile number, you can enter a new mobile number to receive OTP (One Time Password).

first trip And type your NID number, date of birth and captcha code. After that click on submit button. When you will click on submit button, you will see your contact mobile number, which is available on your registration form. You can change mobile number. It will appear on the right side of the current number. Enter the OTP and proceed to the next step. This time, you can set the login username and password. This will be required till the time you try to log in to your NID portal again.

Bangladesh National ID Card PDF File Download Image 2
Bangladesh National ID Card PDF File Download Image 2

Select your division name, district name and police station name as given in the voter registration form. Then you will be eligible to download your NID card. After login to your account you will be redirected to home page. Now click on download button.

nid card download pdf image 3
nid card download pdf image 3

So, you have got your NID card, we hope. Hence, use your card for any purpose where NID is required. By using this online copy of National ID you can create bank account, mobile banking account. If you want to know something or have a question, feel free to contact us for a solution.