Jamie Redknapp- Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Height, Career

Jamie Redknapp is a famous and talented retired English footballer. Jamie Redknapp also serves as an editorial sports columnist and Sky Sports pundit for the Daily Mail.

quick Facts

Full Name: Jamie Redknapp
gender: Male
profession: footballer
Country: UK
height: 6 feet 2 inches (1.88m)
marital status: divorce
divorce lewis nerding
net worth $20 million
eye color brown
hair color golden blonde
birth place England
nationality British
education twinham school
father harry redknapp
Mother sandra harris
siblings Mark Recnapp

Jamie Redknapp Biography

Jamie Redknapp Born on 25 June 1973 in Barton on Sea, Dorset, England. He is of British nationality and born under the sign of Cancer. Jamie was born to the famous football manager Harry Redknapp.

His mother’s name is Sandra Harris. He has an older brother, Mark Redknapp, who is a model. Jamie also had a lovely childhood and enjoyed playing football in school.

His father worked as a coach for Bournemouth, so he spent most of his childhood on the South Coast. His father encouraged him and served as his first coach.

Jamie Redknapp Education

In terms of education, he attended Twinham School in Christchurch. He and his brother, Mark, played on Sunday League youth teams during their school years.

Jamie Redknapp Height, Weight

Jamie Redknapp He is a tall, athletic person with a good looking face. They have a pleasant personality and a pleasant physical appearance. His height is 6 feet and weight is 82 kg. She has blond blonde hair and brown eyes.

Jamie Redknapp
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Regarding his career, Jamie Redknapp started his career in football with Tottenham Hotspur. But at that time he was very young and did not think twice about turning down their offer.

After that, he signed with another club called Bournemouth, where his father, Harry Redknapp was the manager at the time. He wanted to lead under the leadership of his father. On 15 January 1991, he signed a contract with Liverpool after only three matches for the club.

He was 17 when he signed with Liverpool, and Kenny Dalglish paid £350,000 for him. This was an expensive payoff for a teenage footballer at the time.

On 23 October 1991, he made his UEFA Cup debut against Auxerre, and on 7 December 1991 he scored his first goal against Southampton at Dale.

Later that year, on 18 April 2002, he made his club debut against Everton at Goodison Park. He then went to the Southampton club where his father was employed.

After a long journey, he announced his retirement from football at the age of 31 on June 19, 2005 due to some serious injuries.

After retiring from football, he began his media career as a BBC pundit in 2004. He then began working as a permanent media personality on Sky Sports alongside Gary Neville, an English footballer.

Later, in 2005, he started a monthly magazine for professional footballers. In 2010, he served as a host on the Sky1 show Football’s Next Star. He then served as the captain of the Sky1 sports game show A League of Their Own.

Jamie Redknapp net worth

Jamie Redknapp He is a famous footballer and media personality. Based on his successful career, we can assume that he earned a lot of money. His net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

According to the Internet, the annual salary of a Southampton player is $2 million. And Jamie earned $1.8 million at Old Trafford.

Jamie Redknapp Girlfriend, Dating

Jamie Redknapp As per the latest information, currently single and divorced. He had previously dated Davinia Taylor in 2004, but the relationship lasted only a few months. He was then dating Louise Nuerding, a pop singer in the girl group “Eternal”.

Finally, on June 29, 1998, Jamie married Louise Nearding at Elbow Beach in Bermuda. Together, the couple has two children, Charles William “Charlie” Redknapp and beau Henry Redknapp. However, the couple got divorced at the end of December 2017 after 19 years of marriage.