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Leslie Jordan is an American stage artist. He is known for creating musical pieces with fellow musician and singer Jealous Michael. Leslie Jordan is also a choreographer, stand-up comic writer, and improvisation artist. He is most famous for creating the song “Jerk Cash” with his friend and band mate Michael J. Fox.

How much does Leslie Jordan value her acting ability? Let us discuss Leslie Jordan Price today. His acting ability is huge. Leslie Jordan is estimated to be worth around $1.5 million.

In the film “Amelie”, directed by David Fincher, Leslie Jordan played a con artist who seduces an Egyptian princess (Emma Stone). Then she becomes his lover and later he falls in love with her. We know that the actress was in the film for less than four months. According to Wikipedia, she had been in films for eleven consecutive years before appearing in “Amelie”. However, we will never know how much he has improved since then.

We can determine the net worth of Leslie Jordan by looking at the movies in which she has appeared, her acting abilities, and her popularity in the entertainment world. The first major role that Leslie Jordan played was in the movie “A Colonel George”. The character of Colonel George is based on US Army Chief George C. Marshall. Leslie Jordan received critical acclaim for her performance as this Major. His performance earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

celebrated name Leslie Jordan
age 66 years
nick name Leslie
birth name Leslie Allen Jordan
date of birth 1955-04-29
gender Male
profession actor
birth place Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
nationality American
birth nation America
Famous for actor, playwright
Horoscope Taurus
education University of Kentucky
hair color grey
eye color Walnut
height 4 feet 11 inches
sexual orientation Gay
marital status unmarried – unmarried
net worth $1.5 million
weight 68 kg
salary under review
Sources of funds Entertainment industry
Guardian Will update soon…
siblings Will update soon…
Link wikipedia,Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

After working for several years as an actor in Hollywood, Leslie Jordan moved to Tennessee to pursue a career on the big screen. Eventually he got a role as Dr. Robinson in the biopic “A Wrinkle in Time”. The film portrayed him as one of the great African scientists of the 20th century. It was almost the role that finally propelled him into stardom. Later roles in the film included “The Deerhunter”, “The Pursuit of Happy Ness” and “Million Dollar Baby”. Since this period, Leslie Jordan has played leading roles in some of the most successful films of all time.

Leslie Jordan’s Wikipedia page lists her as a citizen of the United States born in New York City. Other sources mention that he was born in Morocco and moved to New York City after high school. He has always claimed to be Puerto Rican American and of mixed heritage. Some sources also mention that he was born in Tennessee but was actually born in Italy. All of these facts make it clear that Leslie Jordan is an incredibly talented actor and that’s the point in all the interviews I’ve read with her over the years. As an actor, Leslie Jordan is perhaps best known for playing Jake Mason in the film “Election”, which was one of the most successful films of all time.