Miriam Gutiérrez Height, Weight, Age, Spouse, Family, Facts, Biography

Miriam Gutierrez Quick Info
height 5 feet 7.5 inches
weight 75 kg
Date of birth February 21, 1983
Zodiac sign Pisces
friend Joaquin Gomez Martinez

Miriam Gutierrezo is a Spanish professional boxer who rose to fame after winning wba Interim women’s lightweight title in 2019. She was ranked the fifth best active female lightweight in the world by major boxing magazine ring in September 2020. Gutierrez has garnered over 25k followers on Instagram.

name at birth

Miriam Gutierrez Parras

nick name

Reyna (Queen)

Miriam Gutierrez as seen in August 2022
Miriam Gutierrez as seen in August 2022 (Miriam Gutierrez La Reina / Instagram)

Sun sign


birth place

Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain




professional boxer




5 feet 7.5 inches or 171 cm


75 kg or 165 lbs

Miriam Gutierrez having fun with her family in August 2020
Miriam Gutierrez having fun with her family in August 2020 (Miriam Gutierrez La Reina / Instagram)

lover / spouse

She has dated –

  1. He had his eldest daughter Zaira with his previous partner.
  2. Joaquin Gomez Martinez She has been in a relationship with Joaquin Gomez Martinez. They have a son named Joaquin.

Caste / Ethnicity


She is of Spanish descent.

hair color


eye color

dark brown

sexual orientation


special features

  • cheerful smile
  • tattoo on his body

brand advertising

She has endorsed or promoted several brands such as Channel,

Miriam Gutierrez Favorite Things

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Miriam Gutierrez is happy with her tattoo in August 2022
Miriam Gutierrez is happy with her tattoo in August 2022 (Miriam Gutierrez La Reina / Instagram)

Miriam Gutierrez Facts

  1. She has said that her surname Reyna came from the men at the gym, all of her friends and family. She has also added that they all respect and respect her as much as she has loved and respected, and that they have treated her like a queen which is why she got the nickname.
  2. Miriam has reflected on her own development and how boxing has been an essential part of her development. She has recognized that it is important for everyone to have a corner, with her corner in the ring and in life being the boxing school that helped, protected and nurtured her.
  3. She has revealed that she is deeply in love with her coach Giro Garcia and sees him as her brother. In training sessions, however, that has been his biggest nightmare and has been the most sought after. She has admitted that her toughness and determination have enabled her to reach the level that she wanted.
  4. Gutierrez has reported that his coach has discussed falls as well as his personal successes, as with boxing there is so much to learn from falls that, in the end, it is everything. He has said that despite being very well prepared, a single punch can knock anyone down, and if hit in the right spot the boxer is on the canvas and the fight is over.
  5. He has revealed that he has tried to guide himself about his opponent using what is available on YouTube and some sort of way to better cope with him or to know where he should be hit. was the orientation. However, in the end, it all falls apart as she herself hasn’t always fought the same way.
  6. Miriam has recalled that when she won the European Lightweight Championship, her children did not attend a boxing match because they were minors, and the moment she returned home with the belt under her arm was priceless. Her son wanted to sleep with the belt on, and stole it from her to take to school the next day. Her daughter was overjoyed and would keep looking at her.

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