Nafa Urbach Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story

Nafa Urbach is an Indonesian singer and actress. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, she is known for her amazing voice and her lovely face, which has made her a favorite face in Hollywood. He began his music career in his early 20s with the band Baguazhangdi. Later his musical activities included singing, performing and dancing. She had a lot of hit songs and was nominated for the Most Effective Singer spot at the MTV Music Awards in 1996 and was bought to perform on the silver screen in the movie “Mighty Medusa”.

Nafa Urbach has been married to her first husband, Jusuru Perlino, since 1997. According to her followers, the couple had six children, 5 of whom she received in singing competitions and one of them was made a star by a viral advertisement. Nafa Urbach was also told to undergo beauty surgery to enhance the level of her skin and face. There are many pictures of him during this time where he is seen having surgical facelift and liposuction.

first name nafaas
surname urbach
profession film actress
age 39 years old
birth sign Gemini
date of birth 15 June 1980
birth place Indonesia
Country Indonesia

Based on the knowledge in his biography, Nafa Urbach is currently unmarried. However, it appears that she has been in a relationship with one of her former band members since the early nineties. The biographies of the other members of Baguazang were not spoken about, but mainly based on knowledge in their biography, it appears that she was in a relationship with her second husband, Jusuru Perlino, in the early nineties. .

Nafa Urbach’s profile on the web site states that she hails from Buenos Aires. According to his followers who are on the message board, he was born in Brazil. Her birthday is 4 May, which, based on public data, suggests that she was actually born in the present day. The only separate details about the personal life of this person are his date of birth and some information about the place of birth, which is stated somewhere in Uruguay.

The most striking aspect about Nafa Urbach’s personal life is that she was obsessed with Brazilian musical artists and martial arts during her early years in the classroom. She was also a member of a punk subculture, which she joined at the age of sixteen. Her family name inertia is written in Spanish and her initials are attested. The profile does not indicate any other international location where she may have lived in her youth. Her first name is derived from the Latin phrase: “nuvi”.

This is a brief biography of an attention grabber. The more elements the better as it can help paint a more true image of Nafa Urbach’s life. The question that arises is, where did Nafa Urbakh live? How accurate is the information on the internet about his life and other members of his family?