Nahuel Molina Dad Was Fired From Xeneize Council As He Was Leaving The Club

Nahuel Molina’s full name is Nahuel Molina Lucero. He is an Argentine professional football player. He plays the role of perfect defender for the Atlético Madrid club as well as the Argentina national team. He was originally from Ambales, Argentina.

quick Facts

Full Name nahuel molina
first name nahueli
surname Molina
profession soccer player
nationality first
City of birth Embalse
Native land Argentina
father’s name Hugo Molina
gender identity Male
sexual orientation Straight
Horoscope Aries
marital status dating
concerned with Barbara Ochiuzzi
Prize Copa America winner, UEFA Cup of Champions winner
height 175 cm
weight 70 kg
net worth $1 M
Date of birth 6 April 1998
age 24 years

One of his fathers overthrew the Boca leadership?

Nahuel’s father Hugo Molina was sacked at the Zenese Council upon his departure from the club. According to reports, he and his agent Leo Rodriguez met with a new committee. Roman Requelme, Ral Cassini, Patron, Jorge Bermudez and Chelo Delgado arrived at this time. He reportedly offered a contract and then made two bids.

However, they were unable to resolve their disputes. Nahuel was also called in, and he expressed his desire to play at Boca. Hugo blew up a member of the football council there and there.

Hugo also mentioned this saying

“Have you seen how Bermudez and Cassini did? Is that how they behave during conversations?”

His father mentioned not only his son, but also other sons who were in the same plight as Nahuel.

Is he a married man?

Nahuel is not married, yet he is not single either. According to the current situation, he is now dating someone. He is in a relationship with a woman named Barbara Ochiuzzi. Nahuel revealed his relationship status on social media in June 2022. Going through Barbara’s Instagram, she mentioned in her profile that she is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The woman has a total of 11.2K followers and has shared only eight posts so far. She posted her first photo with Nahuel on 6 July, while Nahuel posted their first photo together on 14 June.

nahuel molina

girlfriend roaming

As said earlier, they are in a relationship for a few months now. Nahuel only posted a picture from his professional career on Instagram. There is only one snapshot of him with his girlfriend.
His lady is wearing an orange bikini with a hair bandana and stylish sunglasses, while Nahuel is wearing green shorts, a black hat and sunglasses.

While posing, Nahuel placed his hand on his partner’s waist. The location was not specified, but based on the image, it appears to be somewhere in the resort with a swimming pool on the shore. Barbara, on the other hand, posted a picture of him standing on a scene near the water. Nahuel wore a blue shirt with half-tattered trousers, while Barbara wore a beautiful white deep-neck one-piece dress and sported a white purse.

Nahuel replied to a photo of him with Te Amu and a crimson love emoji. He also mentioned being in Civitas Metropolitano. The large image of Nahuel was shown on the huge screen at the back. Nahuel and Barbara were standing there. Nahuel wore a basic white shirt with trousers and white sneakers. Barbara wore a white jumpsuit and carried a Louis Vuitton purse. She captioned it, “Always with a red heart emoji,” and tagged Nahuel.

He was busy with his work.

Nahuel has not disclosed much about his personal life, but has said that he is excited to take the next step in his profession. The player had finalized his move from Udinese to Atlético Madrid. He agreed to a five-year contract. Nahuel took the stage in the Spanish capital and couldn’t be happier.

nahuel molina

He said it was his dream too and it was a wonderful pleasure to learn from Simeon and his crew. Furthermore, he states that he intends to be well organized, gives his all, and performs as instructed by the coach. He said that no two matches are the same, but he will do anything on the request of the coach. In the end, he said that he would contribute to the sacrifice, the responsibility and everything else the team did.

net worth

His net worth is now estimated at one million euros.