Nasanin Nuri Height, Weight, Age, Spouse, Family, Facts, Biography

Nasnin Noori Quick Info
height 5 feet 6 inches
weight 58 kg
Date of birth 1 June 1989
Zodiac sign Gemini
eye color
dark brown

nasnin nurik is an Iranian actress and model who rose to fame after playing the role of
Veronica in the movie forbidden power (2018). Nasanin has also appeared in several other projects including where am I (2017).

name at birth

nasnin nurik

nick name


Nasnin Nuri giving out blue vibes in April 2021
Nasanin Noori giving off blue vibes in April 2021 (Nasanin Noori / Instagram)

Sun sign


birth place



iranian national flag


She has attended an acting school.


actress, model


  • siblings – He has a younger brother.


He is represented by Metropolis Artists Agency.




5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm


58 kg or 128 lbs

Nasnin Noori sharing her selfie in December 2021
Nasanin Noori shares her selfie in December 2021 (Nasanin Noori / Instagram)

Caste / Ethnicity


She is of Iranian origin.

hair color

dark brown

eye color

dark brown

special features

  • tattoo on his body
  • thick eyebrows

brand advertising

She has appeared in commercials for many brands like Beanfields Chips.

Nasnin Noori Favorite Things

  • action – snowboarding
  • Cooking , fondue

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nasnin noori in june 2021 thank you all for the birthday love
Nasanin Nuri thanks everyone for the birthday love in June 2021 (Nasanin Nuri / Instagram)

nasnin noori facts

  1. She shifted from Iran to Switzerland when she was barely 5 years old. She started kindergarten in Switzerland and considers it her home.
  2. Nasnin has confirmed that her parents, like most Persians, were not keen on her getting into the entertainment industry. However, her brother has always been proud of her, no matter what she tried. She has also been grateful to her closest friends, whom she considered her chosen family, who have believed in her more than ever at times.
  3. She remembers that she was overwhelmed to find him Miss Earth Switzerland title in 2008. With Taj came all modeling assignments in Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy. Nasnin was shy and nervous in front of the camera. She started getting different gigs, had to attend shows and meet a lot of people and got anxious when giving interviews and being on stage. However, she later saw how stepping out of her comfort zone was good for her as she learned so much and grew so much, exposure brought out a different side of her.
  4. she said that Miss Earth Switzerland Not only was it a life-changing experience where she was introduced to the world of glamor, she also uses her title to speak about important issues like women’s rights in the Middle East and work closely with some great charitable organizations. was able to do. She felt that to use a beauty title was empowering as well as extremely liberating and to show everyone what women are made of.
  5. Noori has revealed that playing the role of Veronica in the film forbidden power He had felt that a little bit of character had always been there in him. She found it amusing that she has a Native American tattoo of a dream catcher. In makeup she had a whale of a time where she looked like a monster and ran around the set scaring everyone.
  6. He is fluent in English, Persian and Swiss German.
  7. Nasnin has been into MMA, boxing, kickboxing, May Thai, weight lifting, snowboarding and ice skating. She has confirmed that she aspires to be in an action film. She said that she has done MMA and worked out in the gym for hours to stay fit. She loves things that challenge her and has found MMA to be where she has to push herself.

Featured image by Nasnin Noori / Instagram