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Ollie Watkins is known as the Queen of Britain’s female sports personality. Ollie is considered one of Ian Kelly’s 5 youngsters who played football for Rochdale. Ollie may be married to John Thompson, the author of Call the Midwife and a well-known British journalist. Ollie wears West Ham’s number 32 jersey. Ollie was born in Kettering, Greater Manchester. Ollie began enjoying football at the age of eight and continued to play for Torbay United, Barnett and Leamington Town.



date of birth:

1995-12-30 (26 years old)

Ollie is a popular British footballer who plays for West Ham. Ollie is considered one of three youngsters of Ian Kelly, who was an outstanding football player for Rochdale. Ollie is married to John Thompson, a longtime British journalist. Ollie is wearing a West Ham volume 32 shirt.

Ollie is currently part of Wrexham’s squad. Ollie began his football career at the University of Birmingham where he played as a striker. Ollie is wearing the number 12 shirt, which is worn by former England football team David James. Ollie is part of a family that has a history in skilled football and David James grew up with them in Birmingham.

Ollie was born into a football loving family in the north of England. His father was the coach of a non-league membership group. Ollie grew up in the north of England and has always maintained strong links to her heritage. Oli has won the Women’s Football Association title three times and is currently playing in the conference.

Ollie started playing football at the age of six and started playing in the right wing. However, Ollie’s love of football took him back to the right and he now performs on the left. Ollie began his football career in the conference of non-league Wrexham. After advancing to the highest flight, Oli made his England debut against Slovenia and did well as a substitute.

Ollie wears West Ham’s No. 4 jersey. This is the same number that center forward Andy Webster wore. Ollie usually performs the center forward position, although his means of producing set performance and chances from the header make him an invaluable weapon for hammers. Oli also played on the left side during the match and was not allowed to play right wing after he injured his ankle during the Olympics. Ollie has impressed the teaching staff and England coach Martina Navratilova despite a six-week lack of coaching.