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Parmita Rusadi is an actress and screenwriter who was born in a communist country. She is famous for her many popular works such as Mummy, Don’t Take Me Alive, The Goodbye Girl, Mother, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Code Monkeys. She is also known for her dark humour. He has been nominated for Academy Awards. He is the most respected actor in the western region of the United States.

Parameters: Initially, Parameters: or Mummy, was a live action television series that aired from August 1966 to July 1969. His most famous role was Dr. Arthur Coleman, a medical officer in the British Army. In this show, she played the role of mother. After this, he played the lead role in the movie Don’t Take Me Alive.

After these two films, she then appeared in another award winning film, The Goodbye Girl. He has also received good reviews for his performance in these films. After The Goodbye Girl, she then appeared in the sci-fi film, The Forbidden Planet. He was recognized again for his performances in Mommy, Don’t Take Me Alive and The Forbidden Planet.

first name Paramita
surname rusadi
profession tv actress
age 54 years
birthday and zodiac
birth sign Leo
date of birth 11 August 1966
Birthday 11 august
birth place Indonesia
Country Indonesia

On the other hand, before going into acting career, Parmita Rusadi was an accomplished writer, singer and actress. He began writing poems while attending school in Australia, and these poems later turned into his first novel. However, before she could write full novels, she wrote several short stories and screenplays. He wrote a novel called Mummy’s Precious Little Rose, which was never released because it was too controversial for Australian censorship.

Currently, Parmita Rusadi is the executive producer and host of the popular television program, The View. His other credits include the film, The Devil’s Advocate and the television show, Doogs. She has achieved even greater success as a writer, producer, and hostess, earning over a half million dollars a year. Considering that she has such an impressive reputation in the entertainment world, one would have thought that the one and a half million dollars she earns annually directly translates into a half million dollar profit. However, despite the huge earnings, not many people think that her net worth as an actor or actress is high enough to make her a profit of one and a half million dollars. As a result, there are many people who doubt the accuracy of these statements.

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