Rafael Leao- All About The Professional Football Player From Portugal National Team

rafael leo He is a Portuguese-born professional footballer who currently plays for AC Milan in Serie A and the Portugal national team.

quick Facts

Full Name rafael leo
first name Raphael
surname Leo
birth name Rafael Alexandre da Conceicao Leo
profession football player
nationality Portuguese
City of birth in Almada
Native land Portugal
father’s name Antonio Leo
gender identity Male
sexual orientation Straight
Horoscope Gemini
marital status alone
net worth 5000000
sibling Paulo Leo, Bianco Leo
height 188 cm
weight 81 kg
net worth $5M
Date of birth June 10, 1999
age 23 years

Within three minutes of his World Cup debut, he scored his first goal for the national team.

Leo made his World Cup debut for Portugal, and it didn’t take him long to establish his value. He scored his first goal three minutes into his World Cup debut, contributing to a 3–2 victory against Ghana. After scoring the goal, Leo said that he had been longing for that goal for a long time. He went in on purpose. He understood what he had to do: he had to help the squad in any way he could, whether it was goals or assists. He said he wanted to give his all, and he did.

Leo’s father, Antonio Leo, said in an interview before the World Cup that he had full faith in his son. He said that he always advises his kid to give his all, whatever the coach gives him, be it two minutes, five minutes, or 10 minutes, because a good player scores in minutes. As a result, he has faith in his child and is certain that he will play in Qatar, he continued.

rafael leo

Leo is a very shy person.

Off the field, the young potential Leo is quite the opposite. He is quite a shy man. He likes to spend his free time napping and relaxing. He spends most of his time inside. He was of shy nature since childhood. He loved spending time with his friends, but didn’t speak much and preferred to be alone.

He has got his national jersey framed.

Leo has framed his national jersey at home to show his passion for his country. He describes wearing the jersey as a source of pride for himself as he has worked hard to reach there.

He celebrates his achievement with a phone gesture.

Leo is seen making a phone call to celebrate his achievements. During a Q&A with Max Brigante, he revealed the source of his celebration. He claims that when he was playing for Sporting CP, they had some disputes, after which his father went to work in Angola and he stayed with his mother. Because his father could not watch him play on TV while he called, he urged him to set the phone in motion as if Leo was calling. After this the party started. When his father is unable to watch his games, he uses this method to dedicate his goals to her.

Music is his second interest after football.

Leo’s other interest is music. His love of music stemmed from his father, who was a musician, but football has always been his primary love. When he was alone, music always accompanied him. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he stated that he enjoys hip hop and R&B, particularly Migos, Travis Scott, 6ix9ine, Da Baby and Roddy Rich. He further added that he enjoys rapping and hopes to become a rapper after finishing his football career, but for now, it is only a hobby.

rafael leo

net worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, but as one of the potential football players, his net worth will increase in the following days.