Ryan Ashley Malarkey Net Worth, Biography, Birthday, Family & Wiki

Ryan Ashley Malarkey is a noted singer, musician, actress, and model, best known as a singer songwriter for the surviving members of Taking Back Sunday with her band mate Amy Lee. She is also known for her work as a freelancer and an actress. Ryan Ashley began performing at local bar rooms around Lancaster, Pennsylvania, when she was in high school before her family moved to California. Ryan Ashley’s career has spanned many genres and over the years, he has released twelve solo albums and worked with a variety of artists including such greats as Bob Dylan.

Ryan Ashley was born in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. He is said to be one of the eight children of Zebekiah Malarkey, a noted printing and dye master of Nobbs Ink. Zebekiah was a local fixture in the King of Prussia, who had a flourishing printing business that specialized in both letterpress and watercolor. Zebekiah’s son, Ryan Ashley, would also be known as Ryan Lee Malarkey, due to his father’s resemblance.

Ryan Ashley’s real name is Ryan Ashley Pitcher. It’s all too common for actors to use nicknames to conceal their true identities, but Ryan Ashley’s unusual name and upbringing make him seem as though he’s always been named Ryan. His real name is Ryan Pitcher. Her date of birth is unknown, but as per the records, she was born on 4th April 1987 in Kingston, PA. He is listed as being six feet tall. Ryan Ashley was listed as a member of the Kingston Indio Hills Arts Festival jury in 2021.

Birthday April 29, 1987 (Wednesday)
birth place Kingston, Pennsylvania
Country United States of america
Age (as in 2021) 33 years old
birth sign Taurus
height in centimeters- 173 cm
in meters- 1.73 square meters
feet in inches- 5′ 8″
Weight In kilogram- 60 kg
in pounds- 132.28 lbs

Ryan’s parents divorced when she was five years old, leaving Ryan and his two sisters, Brooke and Ruth, the sole caretakers of the household. There was a gruesome, brutal custody battle in which the girls won, and Ryan was fighting relentlessly with his mother in custody. Ryan was very rebellious during his younger years and was expelled from his high school in 2021 for repeatedly cutting classes. When she received her diploma in 2021, Ryan and her sister, Brooke, had to return to Kingston, PA to live with their father, who was unemployed. Things were very bad for Ryan and Brooke at this time and it wasn’t until his father started painting houses that Ryan began to become interested in the art world.

His first brush with the media was while appearing on MTV’s reality series “NPTV”. While filming an episode in which she was asked about her real identity and if she thought it was strange that she used her real name, Ryan gave a strange speech indicating that she herself was not a real artist. Because she was not really talented. This information did not go down well with people watching the episode, as they quickly formed the opinion that Ryan Ashley Malarkey was not as talented as she was pretending to be. This public relations stunt sparked buzz on the Internet with stories about Ryan Ashley Malarkey being portrayed as a talentless artist.

Ryan Ashley did not let the setback deter him, however, as he quickly put out a new single titled “Ryan Ashley Malarkey: New Music”, which was released just before the end of the year, featuring major label producers such as Rihanna and were involved. Elton John. The single featured hits from major outlets like Rihanna, Elton John, and Juice, as well as local Pennsylvania talent, proving once again that Ryan Ashley wasn’t a fan of being ignored by the public, and she was here to do so. After putting out several singles during the rest of the year, Ryan Ashley holds his own record for calling his name as he prepares to star in the upcoming Rihanna/Malarky project alongside Diddy, Beyonc√© Knowles, and Rihanna.