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Sabrina Dora is an actress and model from Sabah, Malaysia. In her early days in Sabah, Sabnam Faria was known for her exquisite complexion and long legs. She was a popular local actress in her time, and before moving to Los Angeles, Sabnam Faria became involved with Gold Star Management, one of the largest beauty agencies in the world.

Is Sabnaam Faria, an actress, an aspiring model or a famous film actress? Where did his name come from? How old is the surname Faria really? Whom is Sabnam Faria married and how much money does Sabnam Faria still have? All these questions can be answered in this short biography about Sabnam Faria. We will look at his early life and some of his major roles since then.

Popular As n/a
Business actress, model
age 30 years old
Zodiac sign Capricorn
born 6 January 1990
Birthday 6 January
birth place Dhaka, Bangladesh
nationality Bangladeshi

Sabnam Faria was born and raised in Sabah, Malaysia. Both his parents were teachers. Sabnam was always known as a smart, hardworking girl which fits in very well with the environment in which she grew up. She was probably inspired by her mother in this regard. Sabnam’s younger sister also has a huge role in Sabnam Faria’s public life as her bodyguard today.

Sabnam’s career path is interesting. First, she appeared in a very small part in the 1997 film, March of the Eagles. That film gave Sabnam his first break in the Hollywood scene. After that small part, she appeared in four more films, all of which were successful. Those are Sabnaam Faria movies which I would like to discuss in this short biography. We will look at her first two films, The Thin Red Line and Sabrina, both of which did not do well at the box office.

Sabnam Faria is best known for her role as the alien and mysterious Nelly in the film Sabrina. She was also in the movie Invictus opposite Will Smith. In that role, Faria played the role of a concierge trying to organize a summit between North and South Korean leaders. Other popular and well-known film roles of Sabnam Faria include lead roles in Sabrina, Eat Pray Love, Sabrina and the 2021 romantic comedy You Are My Sunshine.

This is just a quick Sabnam Faria net worth guide. We have seen his professional achievements and his early years on television. We will now take a look at his personal life and examine his various roles in films and other endeavors. She has definitely made herself rich by playing the role of a concierge and today she is one of the richest film actresses.