Meet The Son Of Cynthia Nixon

Samuel Joseph Moses Popularly known as the son of Cynthia Nixon, an American actress and LGBTQ activist. He was born on 9th November 1996 in New York, USA, which makes him 26 years of age.

Mozes attracted media attention not only because he is the son of a celebrity, but also because his mother revealed the truth about her sexuality as a transgender. That curiosity turned into an overwhelming desire to know everything about Cynthia Nixon and her former partner’s son.

Biography of Samuel Joseph Moses

Samuel Joseph Moses is 27 years old and was born on 8 November 1996 under the zodiac sign Scorpio, in New York City, United States of America. The celebrity child has the rights and privileges of a US citizen as a result of being born in the country. Samuel is a member of the Caucasian ethnic group.

As previously mentioned, Samuel Nixon is the son of Cynthia Nixon, who she had with her former long-term partner Danny Moses before their divorce in the early 2000s. Seif, as Samuel Joseph is fondly known, witnessed his parents divorce when he was only seven years old.

Samuel Joseph Moses
Samuel Joseph Moses

Samuel Joseph Moses’ father’s occupation

Samuel’s father, Danny Moses, used to be a school teacher, where he met his wife, Cynthia Nixon. Samuel Joseph Moses’ parents had a teacher-student relationship before their relationship developed into a more serious and romantic nature.

They started dating in 1988 and their relationship lasted for a decade and a half. There is no record of a wedding date, but according to some sources, the former couple were married. They stayed together, and after Samuel Joseph was born in 1996, she was accompanied by his younger brother, Charles Ezekiel Moses. Celebrity baby brother, Charles Ezekiel Moses, was born in 2002, just a year before his parents’ fifteen-year marriage ended.

Samuel Joseph Moses Mother’s Relation

Shortly after her divorce from Danny Moses, Samuel’s mother began a romantic relationship with her current partner, Christine Marinoni. According to records, Cynthia’s romantic affair with gay rights activist Christine was the actress’ first romantic relationship with a woman. It also seems to be going well as the same-sex couple has been living together as a family since 2004.

Samuel and his brother, Charles, have been living with their mother and her new gay partner since their parents’ divorce. A new half-brother joins Seif’s new family. Max Ellington Nixon Marinoni was reportedly born in 2011, and eight years later, Samuel Joseph’s mother and her new gay boyfriend married in 2012.

Samuel Joseph Moses was the theater’s assistant director.

The public and the media do not know much about the early formal education background of Samuel Joseph Moses. It is widely believed that he has a high school diploma from a high school in his hometown of New York City.

After that, the celebrity kid enrolled at the University of Chicago. After completing the required time at the institute, he graduated with a degree in English Literature and Poetry. According to sources close to her, after graduating from the University of Chicago, the celebrity child stated her intention to further her studies by obtaining a master’s degree in English literature and poetry. The motivation for this decision turned out to be a desire to work as a creative writer and a published author.

While the jury is still out on Safe’s stated intentions, a summary of his bio on Writers Theater revealed that he is a playwright and director who previously worked as a literary intern at Northlight Theater and Writers Theatre. She reportedly worked as an assistant director to Jess McLeod in the Northlight Theater production Landladies.

Next, he worked as an assistant director on a Redtwist production of King Lear. In his early career, Samuel Joseph Moses worked in the outreach department of the Steppenwolf Theater Company. However, the biography of Samuel Joseph Moses is accurate as of 2019, and not much has been learned since then. However, it appears that his artistic abilities are currently limited to the stage.

It also appears that the celebrity child of nearly three decades is following in the footsteps of her talented mother, whose talents as an actress have been in the hearts and minds of the American public since her days as a fictional lawyer in HBO’s Sex Has been made. and The City series, as well as the two films of the same name that followed the series.

Samuel Joseph Moses has revealed that he is transgender

Samuel Joseph Moses He got his current surname Safe after coming out as transgender in 2018 #transdayofaction, It was a proud moment for her mother, Cynthia Nixon, who came out as bisexual in 2007 and later as lesbian in 2012.

To put things in perspective, Samuel Joseph Mozes was born Samantha Mozes in 1996 and after revealing her gender identity in 2018 took only the name Samuel Joseph, nicknamed Safe.

Cynthia Nixon posted a photo of herself and Safe on his college graduation date on Instagram to celebrate and document an important moment in her son’s life. Words of encouragement came for the actress and her transgender son, none more so than New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who tweeted Cynthia’s Instagram post.