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Shabnoor is a skilled actress in her native Bangladesh. She has portrayed women in several films and acted in more than one film; She has acted in dozens of TV serials and also acted in a film that was never made in China. Shabnoor was married to Mirza Ghalib (with whom he has three children) and has also acted in a few Indian films. She went to London to study acting and earned an acting degree at the British School of Theatre. Shabnoor is a skilled and popular actress from Bangladesh who enjoys high level of popularity in the country and her acting ability is appreciated and appreciated by people all over the world.

Shabnoor was born as Shabnam Safi Darwaza in Dirang Thulashingdi, a small town in rural Shahjahanabad. Shabnoor was a very shy and modest child who used to hide her face in public. She began to appear in television and theater during the early years of independence after the end of Bangladesh’s freedom struggle in 1971. After that, Shabnoor gradually emerged as one of the most famous and attractive actresses in Bangladesh.

Date of birth:
17 December 1979
Age (as of 2018):
39 years
birth place:
Jessore, Khulna, Bangladesh
Zodiac sign:
Dhaka, Bangladesh


educational qualification:
marital status
wedding date
December 28, 2012
father: Kazi NasiroMother: Amena Begum Miley

husband: Anik Mahmoodi

sons: Eisen Nehan

best friend
full moon,
likes dislikes
  • to like: Good thing
  • Dislikes: bad thing

Shabnoor was most popular among the masses in Bangladesh, when she appeared in a major national hit comedy titled “Badrin”, which revolves around a fictional story about a short and low Bangladeshi woman, who works in a prestigious fashion institute. Comes to New Delhi for work. Shabnoor’s presence at the institute and her performances in comedy helped her garner attention and praise from Indian and foreign audiences. He later joined hands with SS Rajamouli in an animated science-fiction film titled “Zeebo”. Shabnoor later appeared in a series of videos and films directed by Kamal Amrohi.

Shabnoor has made many notable and award winning films in India and abroad. His acting skills saw him featured in several high profile films in India, including “Chak De! Bharat” and “Naan”, as well as making several screenplays and teleplays in the US, Canada, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.

Shabnoor, in her interview with IHTV TV, said that the reason she appeared in all those films was that she felt fulfilling her duties as an actress and fulfilling her duties as a wife and mother to her husband. It is their duty. Shabnoor said that he is also very happy to be able to do something for the society. She was also excited by the prospect of becoming an actress and playing a key role in helping women realize their dreams. In an IHTV interview, Shabnoor was quoted as saying that her latest Hindi film “Bindu” (which is scheduled to release in March) was inspired by a particular incident in her life that she wanted to share with the world.

Shabnoor was one of the many female actors who won several Filmfare Awards in the late 90s. The list of notable female Bollywood actresses with whom Shabnoor has been associated spans the course of her career till date. Shabnoor is currently playing her role as Shabla in the 90s movie “Kurbaan” starring Mukesh Bhatt in the lead role.