Shahid Kapoor reduces his fees from Rs. 31 cr. to keep Jersey in the race for a theatrical release – convinces producers not to opt for OTT

Shahid Kapoor is one of the truest actors of Bollywood. He recently finished a film titled Jersey, which is a remake of a Telugu film of the same name, which is about a middle class man who wants to become a cricketer, but faces various issues and complications.

Shahid Kapoor

The real release date of this film of Shahid is 31 December 2022. Everyone is going in shock after listening to the film.

Several meetings take place to decide on a film release. But due to rising Covid cases and Delhi government announcing closure of theatres, the team decided to postpone the release.

There were discussions about not only postponing but also premiering the film on Netflix instead of theatrical release. He also discussed with Netflix for the digital premiere of the film, and everything is going well in this direction; Almost everything is final and the film will release on Netflix. He began to curtail publicity about the film due to the added cost and preparation for the oat release of the film Jersey.

Shahid Kapoor reduced his fee by Rs.  31 crore to keep the jersey in the race for a theatrical release

But then Shahid came to know about this and said that this film deserves to be released in theatres. It is one of the most inspirational movies and quickly made a place in the hearts of the people.

Shahid charged Rs 31 crore for the film, and he told the producer that he would reduce his acting fees to the extent of the extra cost that would pile up due to the delay in the film. If in the budget Rs. 5 crores, he will reduce Rs. 5 crores from his fees. If in the budget Rs. 10 crores, he will leave Rs. 10 crore from his fees.

Huge respect for Shahid, who did an outstanding job for his special film Jersey, and he is confident that the film has created a special place in everyone’s hearts, and people will fall in love with the film. The producer gets convinced and delays the theatrical release to release the film on the OTT platform.