Shunsuke Daito Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Biography, Family

Shunsuke Daito Quick Info
height 5 feet 11¾ inches
weight 70 kg
Date of birth March 13, 1986
Zodiac sign Pisces
eye color dark brown

shunsuke daito is a Japanese actor, voice actor, television personality, talent and fashion model. He has been cast in many shows like Nobuta Wu Produce, hana moyu, isshokan no kois, delicious offer, my Sassy Girl, Taira no Kiyomorik, punchline, intention, Teppan Shojo Akane!!, youth gto, Anna-san no omeme, Himitsu no Hanazono, Hanazkari no Kimitachi E, the first kiss, interlocutor, Twin Spica, Oran High School Host Club, age oppression, Ojichan Wa 25-Sai, woman, Shaken baby!, tumbling, love shuffleAnd sukoshi wa, ongashi ga dikita ka na, In addition, Shunsuke Daito has also acted in various films including 37 seconds, 108: Kaiba Goro no Fukush to Bokeno, Kamen Rider Heisei Generation Forever, 125 years of memory, Tokyo Tribe, ace attorney, my girlfriend is a geeky, Crows Zero, crows zero II, chasing world, Nakitai Toki no Kusurike, tomorrow’s dinner table, the sound of grassAnd violence action,

name at birth

shunsuke daito

nick name


Shunsuke Daito at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo International Film Festival 2019
Shunsuke Daito as seen at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo International Film Festival 2019 (Dick Thomas Johnson /) flickr /CC BY 2.0)

Sun sign


birth place

Sakai, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan




Actor, Voice Actor, Television Personality, Talent, Fashion Model


Shunsuke Daito is signed with Top Coat Management Company, a subsidiary of Watanabe Productions.




5 feet 11¾ inches or 182 cm


70 kg or 154.5 lbs

Caste / Ethnicity


Shunsuke Daito is of Japanese descent.

hair color

dark brown

eye color

dark brown

sexual orientation


special features

thick eyebrows

Shunsuke Daito Facts

  1. In 2005, he appeared as Taniguchi in the television drama series Nobuta Wu Produce,
  2. He has been friends with actor and voice artist Shun Oguri.
  3. While riding his moped in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, Shunsuke Daito collided with an automobile on June 18, 2010, and resulted in a compound fracture in his femur.
  4. He credits former actor Hiroki Narimiya as one of his role models.
  5. Shunsuke Daito co-starred as Tid/Other Kuga/Other Ultimate Kuga in 2018 superhero film Kamen Rider Heisei Generation Forever,
  6. In 2019, he portrayed Japanese swimmer Yoshiyuki Tsuruta in the historical drama television series intention,
  7. She played the role of Sia in the 2019 dark comedy film 108: Kaiba Goro no Fukush to Bokeno,
  8. Shunsuke Daito brings to life Toshiya’s character in 2019 drama film 37 seconds,
  9. Some of his hobbies are cooking, listening to music, watching movies, collecting tennis shoes and writing on his blog.

Featured image by Dick Thomas Johnson / flickr /CC BY 2.0