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Star Andrews Quick Info
height 4 feet 11 inches
weight 45 kg
Date of birth 23 June 2001
Zodiac sign cancer
eye color
dark brown

star andrews is an American figure skater who came into limelight at the age of nine when a video of her skating whip my Hair It went viral after appearing on YouTube in December 2010, garnering over 50 million views as of March 2018. She gained further popularity as the 2017 US National Junior Silver Medalist, 2019. International Challenge Cup Silver medalist, as well as 2019 Agena Trophy Silver medalist. The star has garnered more than 25k followers on Instagram.

name at birth

star andrews

nick name


Star Andrews mentally on the beach in March 2020
Star Andrews mentally on the beach in March 2020 (Star/Instagram)

Sun sign


birth place

Los Angeles, California, United States




He has been home-schooled.


figure skater


  • Mother – Toshawa Andrews (former figure skater)
  • siblings – He has 1 brother and 2 sisters named Skylar who is a gymnast and Ashton who is a former baseball player.




4 feet 11 inches or 150 cm


45 kg or 99 lbs

Star Andrews enjoys watching her peak in January 2022 can't be cast
Star Andrews enjoys seeing her braid can’t be shaded in January 2022 (Star/Instagram)

Caste / Ethnicity


hair color

dark brown

She often dyes her hair in different colors.

eye color

dark brown

special features

  • afro hairstyle
  • dimple smile
  • freckles on his face
  • mole under his lips

brand advertising

She has endorsed or promoted several brands such as bubble,

Star Andrews Favorite Things

  • Pastime – being near the beach

Source , instagram

Star Andrews in December 2020 Can't believe Christmas is in 5 days
Star Andrews in December 2020 couldn’t believe Christmas was in 5 days (Star/Instagram)

Star Andrews Facts

  1. She has recalled that she became interested in figure skating at the age of three, when her mother took her to the ice rink. She longed to climb the ice, but she was too young and had to wait. He began learning skating in 2005.
  2. His programs have been considered highly creative. She has said that she always likes to be different from others even though it is difficult to be like that in her field. People have been skating to the same songs every year, and she’s found it’s never easy trying to discover something new, which makes her excited when she finally finds something unique. She said that for the creative process, her coach, Mom, joins her to choose the music and watch until everyone likes the same piece.
  3. Andrews reveals she had no idea her YouTube video was titled whip my Hair will go viral. He had casually programmed and thought of putting it on YouTube for his family to see. She was pleasantly surprised and grateful that she had gone this far.
  4. He is driven by intention as well as clarity of vision. She has admitted that some of her confidence came from the fact that she shared her love for the sport with her mother, whom she considers her best friend.
  5. The star has cherished skating and felt the wind on her face, going out there and showcasing her hard work. He’s always had a good time practicing. She has handled her bad days with a smile, knowing that it is completely natural not to be successful all the time, and easily overcame them.
  6. She has said that when on the ice she has enjoyed both the spin and the jump.
  7. She has confirmed that the performance side of skating has been her most enjoyable part as it allows her to show off different sides of her personality.

Featured image by Star/Instagram

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