Tatiana Zappardino Net Worth 2022, Biography, Family, Height, Weight

Tatiana Zapardino is the primary representative for New Day America Veterans Home Loan. In addition, he is a seasoned entertainer who is famous for his roles in TV shows like Superstition and Orthus. In addition, Tatiana has starred in films including Swipe, Between and Asking for It. Zapardino is also the founder of Fine China Comedy, a company that helps zero in on the development of female artists living in Atlanta. Tatiana Zapardino is a recreational writer, essayist and major. She is the representative leader of NewDay America Veterans Home Loans.

The beautiful lady was born on October 2, 1989 in San Diego, California. She has not spoken about the secrets of her parents till date. You know he has an American identity and a mixed heritage of nationality. However, Tatiana Zappardino does not have any Wikipedia.

Tatiana Zapardino Biography

She was an alumnus of Kent State University and Liberty University. She also went to Jacksonville University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. The family details for him are not available at the moment. She is currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Tatiana Zappadino Net Worth: Tatiana Zappadino is an actress, producer, and actor. 2nd Marine Corps lieutenant and Nude USA major.

He is best known for his performances as a character in the films Swipe, Between and Asking for It or in television shows such as Superstition and Orthus. Tatiana is of Latino, European origin in the Middle East. Tatiana is fluent in Spanish as well as Italian. Her net worth is Tatiana Zapardino $100,000. Through his professional career as an actor, a writer and director, and with his company Fine China Comedy, he has earned it. In the role of Tilly in Syfy’s Superstition, she was paid very well.

  • Name Tatiana Zapardino
  • Birthday October 2, 1989
  • age 31
  • gender Female
  • 5-foot-7-inch height.
  • weight 66 kg
  • Measures 34-35-35 inches
  • nationality american
  • Profession Actress, Writer, Director
  • married/single unmarried
  • Education Jacksonville University

Tatiana Zapardino Profession

The woman is a public relations officer within the United States Marine Corps and is approaching my second anniversary this August. His role is to advise my superior officer about the possible public perceptions in each action he takes. She will also interview and answer questions for local news media. Outlets will provide information about my current unit’s mission and any other specific topics. or events that may arise.

She was commissioned by a Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps program. He also completed a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Theater at Jacksonville University, Florida. However, he chose two paths in the opposite direction from the same spectrum. He’s learned from both, and each has helped me succeed in one.

Tatiana Zapardino net worth

Tatiana Zappadino is an actress as well as an actor, producer as well as a second Marine lieutenant in the corps as well as the Nude USA chief. Her birthplace was on October 2, 1989 in San Diego, CA, named Tatiana Lia Zapardino, and she is also known for superstitions such as Swipe, Between, and Asking for It in movies or TV shows. as Orthus. She is of Latino, European descent in the Middle East. Tatiana speaks Spanish as well as Italian. Her net worth is Tatiana Zapardino $100,000. Through his work as an actor, writer, director and writer, and Fine China Comedy, his profession Fine China Comedy has been honored with this.