Who is Abbey Humphreys from ‘Perfect Match’?

Abbey Humphreys is one of the newest stars of Netflix’s dating competition series, Perfect Match. The Texas native, who first appeared on the lesser-known series Twentysomethings: Austin, quickly became a fan favorite due to her funny, playful, and relatable personality. In this article, we will delve deeper into who Abbie Humphries is, her age, height, Instagram, job and more.

Who Is Abhay Humphreys From 'Perfect Match'?

Who Is Abhay Humphreys From ‘Perfect Match’?

Abbey Humphreys is a 27 year old Sagittarius who hails from Houston, Texas. She is one of three children in her family and attended the University of San Diego. At the time of filming, she was unemployed but describes herself as an adventurer who enjoys searching for good vibes and good weather.

Abbey Humphreys is a busty beauty with lots of love to go around. She made her first appearance on Netflix’s reality series Twentysomethings: Austin and quickly became a fan favorite. Humphries came to the show fresh from her divorce from her husband and eager to explore her sexuality as a newly single woman. She’s funny, playful, and very relatable to her mistakes, which is why she was chosen to return for Perfect Match. While she arrived late in the debut season, she is the one who really changed the game.

Perfect Match Abby Humphreys Height: How Tall is She?

Abbey Humphreys is 5 feet 3 inches tall with short blonde hair and striking green eyes that make her stand out from the crowd.

Abhay Humphreys Instagram

Abhay’s Instagram account, which currently boasts of 114k followers, reflects his personality on the show, as it is full of love, family and light. Fans can expect this number to double once they see AB’s charm on Perfect Match.

Perfect Match Abbey Humphreys TikTok: Where to Find Her

If you want to know even more about Abbey Humphreys, be sure to give him a TIC Toc a follow. With over 160k followers, she is very active on the platform and posts hilarious and relatable videos, many of which showcase her pride in being a bilingual bisexual babe!

What is the work of Abbey Humphreys?

While Abbey’s current job is unknown, she has previously worked at a bookstore in San Diego. On her TikTok, Abbey talks about her love for reading and how it helped her through a rough time. It is clear that she is still looking for a stable place to settle down and put down roots.

Background of Abbey Humphreys

Abhay was married at the young age of just 20 years. Although little is known about her previous marriage, it is rumored that she met her husband in California, possibly at a fast-food chain. Twentysomethings: In Austin, she fresh out of a divorce and expresses a desire to explore her sexuality as a newly single woman.

Abbey Humphreys on ‘The Perfect Match’

Abby made her appearance late in the debut season of Perfect Match, but she quickly became a game-changer. Her arrival signaled the show’s decision to explore a more sexually-diverse storyline, which was appreciated by her match, Francesca Fargo. Francesca and Damian Powers’ connection was turned upside down by Abby’s beach date.