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Yuan Longping has become an instant hit in the world of sailing. Yuan Longping is a Chinese expert in horticulture who invented several hybrid rice varieties during his career. He served for many years as a member of the staff of the State University of China specializing in horticulture. Yuan Longping retired from university to pursue a career as a marine biologist, and became very active in marine and horticultural research. After retirement, he continued his studies and earned his doctorate in horticulture at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Yuan Longping is known for his highly successful rice breeding efforts, which have helped to create new varieties of rice with higher yields and greater flavor. Yuan Longping has made excellent achievements in its field and continues to work on new development of rice. He is regarded as a key figure in promoting the development of hybrid rice species, particularly Longquan rice. Yuan Longping’s greatest achievement may be his own family’s extensive history of rice cultivation, which dates back to the sixteenth century.

Yuan Longping is credited as one of the first Chinese housewives who introduced rice cultivation with hybrid seeds. He developed what is now known as Longquan, which has a higher yield than other Chinese varieties. He also used the idea of ​​hybridization to improve the productivity of traditional varieties and to create new varieties that would benefit agricultural conditions in general. Many of Yuan Longping’s inventions were based on his long years of experience as a rice farmer in China.

bio / wiki
Full Name yuan longping
Business biologist
age 90
Date of birth September 7, 1930
birth place Beijing
Zodiac Virgo
Country China
gender Male

Yuan Longping is credited with improving agricultural production by 100%. To improve the productivity of China’s agricultural produce, they developed several methods, including surface-harvesting, inter-crop rotation, fertilization, and improved irrigation. All of these methods have dramatically reduced China’s dependence on foreign foods. Yuan Longping’s efforts have met with great success and helped China double its production of wheat, barley and crocus by the late 1980s. In addition, agricultural production has increased every year since then.

Yuan Longping is now working hard to create a large-scale hybrid rice crop with the ambition of doubling China’s production. In this effort, he is collaborating with the United Rice Research Institute in China, which has developed an improved two-line hybrid rice. The new rice, which is expected to be released in the next few years, is expected to significantly increase China’s rice production. This will help China become more self-sufficient in food production for both domestic consumption and export.

Yuan Longping’s role as China’s top agronomist is undoubtedly one of tremendous distinction. However, another equally important role is played by Chenxi Wang, chief adviser to the State Agriculture Department. This man, a former university professor, has immense expertise on Chinese agriculture, and is highly respected by the central and provincial government as well as the rural population.