Yuto Nakajima Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics, Biography, Girlfriends

Yuto Nakajima Quick Info
height 5 feet 11 inches
weight 70 kg
Date of birth 10 August 1993
Zodiac sign Leo
eye color dark brown

yuto nakajima is a Japanese singer, musician, actor, talent, theater artist, pop idol and model. That boy band. has been a member of Hey! Say! hop who has released several albums and tracks including jump number 1, Dear, jumping car, jump world, S3ART, feeling or love, the parade, ultra music power, Your Seed/Bacon Rider, magical power, above, Arigato (Sekai no Doko ni Ite Mo), mayonaka no shadow boy, km attraction, dreams come true, hitomi no screen, super delicate, negative fighter, ride with me, great time, white love, The Last Mermaid…, Top most, your songAnd give me Love, In addition, Yuto Nakajima has also worked as an actor and has been cast in various shows and movies such as Nobuta Wu Produce, Tokyo Bandwagon, our food for tomorrow, pink and gray, scrap teacher, Bakusho Hayapun Terebi Heisei Family, perfect son, Date, Share House No. Koibito, Yowakutemo Katemasu, Hanzawa Naokik, Suikyu Yankees, star wars marugoto nakajima yuto, Hope: Kitai Zero no Shinnu Shine, nobunaga moyu, haha ni naru, Suit, suit 2, itadaki high jumpAnd do boku or doko,

name at birth

yuto nakajima

nick names

Yuto, Yutti, Nakajima, Nakayan, Nakaji, Yuto-kun, Yuu-kun

Sun sign


birth place

Tokyo, Japan




Yuto Nakajima studied in Horikoshi High SchoolA private high school located in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan.


Singer, Musician, Actor, Talent, Theater Artist, Pop Idol, Model


  • siblings – Reya Nakajima (Younger Brother)


Yuto Nakajima is signed to Johnny & Associates.


J-pop, R&B, electropop, dance-pop, electronic, hip hop, dance, electronic dance


Vocals, Drums


Johnny & Associates, Jay Storm




5 feet 11 inches or 180.5 cm


70 kg or 154.5 lbs

Caste / Ethnicity


Yuto Nakajima is of Japanese descent.

hair color


eye color

dark brown

sexual orientation


special features

mole under his eye

Yuto Nakajima Favorite Things

  • manga , Naruto, Arakawa under the bridge
  • color – black
  • movies , star wars, Spider Man
  • song bye Hey! Say! hop , ultra music power
  • Subject – Physical Education (PE)
  • Meal – Horse Sashimi, Strawberry, Meat, Mango
  • johnny song , Seshun Amigo
  • Play – horse riding, skiing, tennis
  • beast – dog

Source , fan

Facts of Yuto Nakajima

  1. He signed with the Johnny Junior Division of Johnny & Associates Talent Agency at the age of 11.
  2. In 2005, he appeared as Koji Kiritani in the television drama series Nobuta Wu Produce, It stars Kazuya Kamenashi, Tomohisa Yamashita and Maki Horikita.
  3. Yuto Nakajima played the role of Marukoba Construction’s heir Kouji Kobayashi in the comedy-drama television series perfect son in 2012. He co-starred in the project with Ryosuke Yamada, Kyoka Suzuki and Taisuke Fujigaya.
  4. Yuto Nakajima co-starred as Naoya Inaba, the main protagonist of the series, in the 2014 television sports drama series alongside Kento Yamazaki, Sakurako Ohara, and Yuya Takaki. water polo yankees, The show became the first to feature water polo as the main sport.
  5. Yuto Nakajima starred as Shiraki Rengo in the 2016 drama film pink and gray,
  6. He played the role of Ayumu Ichinose in the television drama show Hope: Kitai Zero no Shinnu Shine in 2016.
  7. In 2017, he brought to life the character of Ryota Hayama, a sensitive bachelor who is disliked by his classmates and always disappointed and sad in a romantic film. our food for tomorrow,
  8. Yuto Nakajima co-starred as Daiki Suzuki in the television drama series Suit in 2018. The show is based on the American television series of the same name by Aaron Korsch.
  9. Mathematics has been his least favorite subject while he enjoyed subjects like physical education, Japanese language and science.
  10. He likes to indulge in sports like football, basketball, volleyball and karate.
  11. He can touch his head using his feet.
  12. Yuto Nakajima is a fan of actors Johnny Depp and Daniel Radcliffe.
  13. His theater credits include being cast in productions such as Takizawa Enbujo, dream boysand others.
  14. As a solo artist, Yuto Nakajima has released songs such as DNA, uruvashi no bad girl, ai wa hitotsuAnd waiting for rain,