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Zhang Xiaofei, better known by her screen name Zhang Zhaozi, is a Chinese actress and singer. Born in 1980 in Fujian Province, Zhang was initially known as Zhang Xiaohua. This name was given to her when she was young as her father was fond of opera and this form of art shaped her career path in later years. She has since gone on to perform in films and music, and has also become a singer.

Zhang Xiaofei’s early life was not so interesting. Her parents divorced when she was very young and she was raised by her grandparents. These days, it is common for children to have both parents, and this is where Zhang got to learn about life. From a very early age, Zhang became interested in studying comedy and soon developed a keen interest for performance and singing, all of which served as the foundation of her career in acting.

As an actress, Zhang appeared in films such as Memories of Paradise, Kung Mangai, The Monkey King, etc. Her notable roles in these films made Zhang famous to Chinese audiences, and she quickly became popular with Chinese comedy. Movies in the late 90s. Today, Zhang can be seen performing for audiences in Chinese comedy shows around the world, and her popularity only continues to grow.

bio / wiki
Full Name zhang xiaofi
Business Football Players
age 39
Date of birth 11 July 1982
birth place Shenyang, Liaoning
Zodiac cancer
Country China
gender Male
date of birth 11-July
date of birth sunday
year of birth 1982
birth sign cancer
birth zodiac duality Inactive
birthmark instrument and element cardinal water
opposite sign Capricorn

One of Zhang Xiaofei’s most popular roles in the past is as a Chinese comedian in a Hollywood film. In the film, Kung Mangai, Zhang plays the role of a Chinese comedian who gets to live in a wooded part of town while practicing his martial arts. This role propelled Zhang to stardom in America among millions of Chinese audiences.

But Zhang had a lot of experience in addition to his film roles when it comes to Chinese comedy films. She spent a lot of time in Chinese theater before moving to Hollywood, and she also appeared in the hit comedy film Happy Days. She was one of the original members of the Chinese national comedy team Handshake Brothers; With her partner in the film, Gong Shimbing (Chow Mo), they formed a unique and funny trio who could even tell some jokes about Chinese people. The trio also appeared in the award-winning Kung Mangai, along with several other popular Chinese stars. Zhang was part of the original Kung Mangai cast and also performed in the film’s sequel.

Today, Zhang is remembered only as a comedian with a penchant for wacky characters. However, despite his small role in several comedies, his contribution to the Chinese comedy scene cannot be ignored. Some of his best-known roles include the evil hen in Dragon King, the clumsy but funny monkey in Tai Chi Chuan, and the wise old monk in Shaolin: The Movie. Of course, if you haven’t seen any of these movies, you should! They are guaranteed to make you laugh. For more information on Zhang Xiaofei, check out some of our other Chinese film resources on the web.